About DPCC

The Delaware Prostate Cancer Coalition (DPCC) was founded to support and encourage all prostate cancer organizations in the state of Delaware in their efforts involving prostate cancer awareness, education, and treatment. As a member of the National Alliance of State Prostate Cancer Coalitions, the DPCC serves as a collective voice for Delaware on a national basis and acts as a resource in the state to raise awareness of prostate cancer and encourage early screening for the disease. Our goal is to provide information and education to the general public on detection, diagnosis and treatment. We strive to identify men for prostate cancer screening and provide referrals for those uninsured or underinsured. In addition, our aim is to facilitate and provide support to men and their families diagnosed with prostate cancer.

DPCC Executive Committee:

Dr. Michael Zaragoza -President

Carleton Carey-Vice President

Robert Bergland-Treasure

Stephanie McClellan-Secretary

Dr. Don Blakey

Debbie Campbell

Dr. Fran Franklin

Sean Hebbel

Freddie Menard

Dr. Wilma Mishoe

James Morning

David Sauls-At Large Member, Sussex County

Lisa Schirtzinger

Harold Stafford

Wayne Stultz-At Large Member, Kent County

Trina Turner

Senator Dave Wilson

Dr. . Rafael Zaragoza

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